Think horizontally. Implement design.

Our services in detail

Implement Design Thinking


Customer orientation as part of a corporate culture.

  • Definition of the research scope for products and services
  • Collection, analysis and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Development of customer journey and persona tools
  • Creation of innovation strategies and processes for design projects
  • Design of UX KPI frameworks and measurement tools
  • Evaluation of prototypes with users in various cultural contexts


Meaningful and delightful experiences across all touch points.

  • Creation of a written and spoken brand language
  • Development of language tonality concepts
  • User interface copywriting for graphical and conversational interfaces
  • User Experience Design for graphical and conversational interfaces
  • Visual & Industrial Design and portfolio development
  • Quality assurance in design projects (UX/UI/language)
  • Definition of guidelines for brand, design and language


Empowered role of design and innovation within the organization.

  • Design implementation & production stewardship
  • Planning and implementation of Design Thinking methods
  • Finding and contracting suitable experts for design projects
  • Contract management and supervision of freelancers
  • Documentation of accounting processes
  • Generation of tenders and briefings for complex design projects
  • Coordination and design of award entries