Think horizontally. Implement design. 

7 reasons to work with Sensity

Value by Design.

An advantage for your business.

We know what it takes to successfully implement design and marketing. We have been able to expand our capabilities by working together with major corporations such as Deutsche Telekom or BMW, and with design offices such as Guido&Glas, Interbrand or Yellow Design. With the help of our strategic input, more than 20 RedDot, iF or DME awards have been won in recent years.

Strategic Thinking.

A strong theoretical background.

We keep your overall goals in mind. Because what we do should also be successful in the future: from design language and design assets to mutual customer perspectives, product portfolio strategy as well as complete brand management and targeted communication. We’re there to support you with the help of strategic development and the design of the entire process.

Diversity Management.

Our strength in design.

Cultural differences and the needs of people all over the world are becoming an increasingly important aspect of design. We have undertaken active research in this area for many years, Marcel has published his first survey on the matter and Sensity has found its unique place in Europe. More diversity per day is hardly possible. Please visit us.

Sustainable Performance.

From ideas to processes.

We do not only develop ideas and concepts, but actually transform them into processes. And not only so that they are efficient and provide growth, but also so that they really are relevant for users.

The Customer Focal Point.

Open-minded and international.

One of our greatest strengths is our customer orientation. To this end, we have developed methods that help us provide companies with a transparent understanding of brands and people. Because only products that are aligned with the needs and desires of customers can be truly successful on an international level.

Flexible Mindset.

Understanding your needs.

Our customers and projects are just as multifaceted as life itself – from the DAX-listed company to the winery on the Mosel. We adapt to you and your needs individually, personally and – above all – flexibly.


We take care of everything.

As professional design consultants, we place a particular emphasis on confidentiality and secrecy. For us that is a matter of course.