Digital From the strategy all the way to the service or product.

Develop your digital project with us.

Sensity Digital

Digital maturity

Are you developing a digital strategy?
Work with us to determine the digital maturity of your company as the basis for making the right decisions.
Strategic positioning


Customer Journey Workshops


Sensity Digital

Business models

What could your digital business model look like? We explore, test and assess new concepts in the search for your product's added value.
Business models
Value propositions
Prototyping and testing
Strategic implementation into the company

Sensity Digital

Products and services

Are you looking for creative input for the implementation of digital products or services? We plan and design your products and services with a focus on a consistent user experience.
User experience and visual design
Text and language
Prototyping and testing
Operative implementation

Sensity Digital

Artificial intelligence

How can your projects benefit from artificial intelligence? Talk to us and find out.
We are currently working on initial products.
Context sensitivity
Future interfaces
(language, gestures, haptics)
Personality of digital assistants and chatbots

Sensity Digital

How it works

As consultants, we collect and structure information in order to make effective decisions.
As designers, we create the new and the constant which is relevant to people and becomes a true experience.
We think in three subject areas that we combine in a practical manner. In doing so, knowledge is our starting point for successful strategies and ideas.

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Commune du Luxembourg / Deutsche Telekom AG / Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne / Grand-Duc Jean / SEB Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken / S.A. Luxembourg / Tolino Media GmbH Deutschland

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