Support customer orientation through Design.

Become customer-centered – use Design Thinking

Design Strategy by Design Thinking
Design Thinking unites: the new with the old, customers with companies, ideas with innovation.

Get inspired by customers needs and wishes.

Customer Insights

Analysis + Qualitative Research

Observations, assessments and interviews right where your project becomes reality. We find the vital and relevant information together with customers, employees and all those affected by the »experience«.

Customer Needs
Research + Translation

Meeting customer needs is one of the principal tasks of services and products. These needs are the key to generating positive emotions and making products become relevant.

Development + Research

In order to make products and services customer-oriented, the product development team requires information about the different customers and customer groups.

Trend Management
Research + Translation

The long-term and ongoing consideration of changes in the various social, technological and economic environments is an important basis for taking strategic decisions.

Use Cases
Development + Evaluation

Use cases enable the simulation of future concepts and their assessment for various characteristics. For the first time, an idea becomes visible in its complexity.

Get in the know.

Knowledge Transfer

Individual Workshops

We custom design workshops for all kinds of topics and projects. If required with our own trainers or experts from our network.


Didactic Concepts

Different topics require different methods in order to anchor knowledge. We develop appropriate, diverse concepts for the different user groups. Sometimes, a »Moment of Surprise« is required here.

Learning Material

In order to anchor knowledge and experience on the long-term, relevant and appropriate training documentation is required. In digital and analogue form. 

Creative Space

The right context for new ideas. In our fully-equipped Cologne offices we offer »Creative Space« for 8 people in a quiet location in the city centre. The room is available for hire. Or we can provide the moderation and follow-up documentation. 

Make the right decisions.

Design Strategy

Design Management
Implementation + Support

The implementation of design activities within an organization: team set-up, development of standards, core beliefs, design rules and briefings for external partners.

Value Propositions
Conception + Evaluation

Services and products require a clear, recognizable value for the customer. A clear value proposition sharpens services and products and makes them relevant for the customer.

Target Picture
Conception + Simulation

Products or services are aligned to the ideal user experience in the future. A target image develops.

Balanced Experience Conception

In addition to the digital experience of services, the live experience of people, exhibits or premises is a multi-faceted, multi-layered experience. A balanced experience of digital as well as analog aspects.

Make it better.

Content Quality

Interaction / UX Design
Conception + Design

Interactive applications are designed on the basis of user needs and brand values in order to achieve a consistent brand experience across a variety of contact points.

Corporate UX Design
Planning + Design

Like other communication elements, the user experience of digital products should also fulfil the same requirements of corporate design.

Corporate Language
Conception + Support

The linguistic appearance is a basic element for the successful communication of brands and companies. The aim is to create brand recognition through a consistent corporate language across all points of contact.