We implement design.

Create impact through horizontal design

Sensity sàrl

39, rue de Bonnevoie 
L–1260 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 27 405 680
Email: luxembourg@sensity.lu
Website: www.sensity.eu

Managing Partners:
Guido Wolff, Marcel Befort  

VAT-No: LU 2570 9058
Commercial Registry: B 170 521
Autorisation: No. 10028491/2+3
DUNS: No. 370250028

SENSITY is a registered trademark of Sensity sàrl.

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Sensity is a horizontal design consultancy. Our knowledge evolves from an interdisciplinary team of experts throughout Europe. We help organisations create space for innovation. Sensity's headquarters are based in Luxembourg – a city with rich cultural diversity. As a second location we opened an office in Cologne.

Sensity connects products, services and brands strategically with trends, customer insights and experience concepts on a horizontal line. Sensity works for hungry organisations. Organisations that are ready to tackle challenges.

Think horizontally. Implement design. 

Get in touch with Sensity:
+352 27 405 680