The name Sensity comes from the connection of our work to both sense and identity, referring to consistency and change as key success factors for modern organizations.

From the very beginning, we provide you with insights, design and implementation services that support the success of your company projects. We’re researchers, designers and consultants combining our experience from various areas of expertise.


Sensity was founded in Luxemburg as Société à responsabilité limitée (S.à r.l.) 
> Team of three


New branch in Cologne/Germany
> Team of six


12 colleagues run 3 departments across two locations: Insights, Design, Implementation
> Team of twelve


The team has grown. 22 researchers, designers and consultants support organisations across Europe.
> Team of twenty-two

Make consistency and change possible.


Our researchers offer:

  • Planning and definition of research
  • Collection, analysis and evaluation of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Data analysis for market positioning
  • Measure UX of digital products
  • Research on social and technological topics
  • Evaluation of prototypes with users in diff. cultural contexts
  • Service design analysis such as customer journey mapping
  • Implement research data to customer-centric tools like personas or profiling
  • Design of KPI frameworks 
  • Studies and innovation reports on specific topics
  • Prototyping and testing of ideas for digital transformation projects


Our designers offer:

  • Definition of guidelines for branding, design and language to foster consistency
  • Quality assurance in design projects (UX/UI/VD/ID/language)
  • Supervision of language translations and double-check for quality assurance
  • High-level concepts for service and product experiences
  • Tonality concepts for language and visual experience (cognitive + visual)
  • Creation of written and spoken brand language
  • Creation of visual brand language
  • UI copywriting for graphic + conversational interfaces
  • Business intelligence (BI) visualisation and communication concepts
  • UX design (UX/UI) for graphic and conversational interfaces
  • Visual & industrial design for communication, packaging and products


Our consultants offer:

  • Consulting on positioning of services, products and brands (brand frameworks)
  • Consulting on portfolio development
  • Consulting on customer orientation strategies (NPS/profiling/panels)
  • Consulting in design processes
  • Planning and development of training for implementation (service design, design thinking)
  • Conception of train-the-trainer programs for didactical experiences
  • Finding and contracting suitable experts for design, research and consulting projects
  • Tenders and briefings for complex design and marketing projects
  • Consulting, preparation and submission of design and marketing award entries


Sensity thinks European.

Both locations offer creative space for meetings, workshops and co-creation sessions.


Luxembourg and its cultural diversity plays a crucial role for our insight activities.


Cologne is one of the most important locations for the information and communication sector in Germany.