Small, digital, diverse.

Sensity's headquarters are located in the center of Luxembourg. Europe's international capital.

Sensity makes use of cultural diversity for a better, faster and more customer oriented product and service development.

For us, Luxembourg is the design center of Europe. Design gets more and more a crucial factor for business success. If you look at the development of successful companies, you will see that they all take advantage of design services – putting this key success factor in the hands of the experts. Many globald studies came to the same conclusion: No design is not an option.

This is the starting point for Sensity. We support organizations with the implementation of design within their professional business. In doing so, Luxembourg and its cultural diversity plays a crucial role: Future-oriented products and services must be globally relevant, they should anticipate user needs and they have to be useful in diverse cultural contexts. To take all this into account, we have developed different methods and processes over the past years and gained a wealth of professional experience in this area.

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