Digital From the strategy all the way to the service or product.

Develop your digital project with us.

Digital maturity

Are you developing a digital strategy?
Work with us to determine the digital maturity of your company as the basis for making the right decisions.
Strategic positioning

Customer Journey Workshops

Business models

What could your digital business model look like? We explore, test and assess new concepts in the search for your product's added value.
Business models
Value propositions
Prototyping and testing
Strategic implementation into the company

Products and services

Are you looking for creative input for the implementation of digital products or services? We plan and design your products and services with a focus on a consistent user experience.
User experience and visual design
Text and language
Prototyping and testing
Operative implementation


Are your digital products & services accessible to all?
We help you creating user interfaces with inclusivity in mind.
Accessible design
Accessible writing and content design
Qualitative interviews
User testings
Implementation & stakeholder management
Communication & training

Artificial intelligence

How can your projects benefit from artificial intelligence? Talk to us and find out.
We are currently working on initial products.
Context sensitivity
Future interfaces
(language, gestures, haptics)
Personality of digital assistants and chatbots

Insights We harness knowledge.

Experience the customer perspective together with your colleagues.

Innovation and ideation

Do you want to create the right impulses in the innovation process? We design and moderate workshops in your company to drive your topic.

Planning and moderation of workshops with Design Thinking and Prototyping

Cultural diversity

Do you want to reach new customers in other cultural circles? Exploit the potential of our location in Luxembourg. With its cultural diversity, the city is ideal for testing new concepts. This means that with very little effort, you can familiarize yourself with the needs of people that come from all kinds of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Customer needs

Do you want to see things from your customers' perspective? We make it possible to experience the needs of individual customer groups in order to bring customer-centric products and services to life.

Needs analyses, interviews
Testing of products and services
Data collection, analysis and evaluation
Customer Journeys
Use cases

Measure­ment of success

Do you want to measure and increase the quality of your products and services? We work together with you to develop an appropriate quality model with measurable KPIs. To make changes in quality visible.

KPIs for user and customer experience
Quality reports

Culture From design management to brand experience.

Shape your company with us.


Do you want to give your company more independence? We can help you to develop a personality that is perceived as consistent.

Personality and values
Brand promise and positioning
Corporate experience
Corporate language


Do you want to make a lasting impression? We plan and design experiences across all touch points − whether digital or analog. So that your product, brand and company remain ingrained in your customers' memory.

Brand experience
Live experience
Digital experience
Product experience


Do you want to enhance knowledge within your company? Our concepts help you to integrate customer and methodological knowledge into projects and teams on the long term.

Establish customer knowledge within the company
Anchor Design Thinking through training concepts
E-learning concepts

Design communi­cation and manage­ment

Are you working on expanding competence in design? We support you in increasing the importance of your topic in the company.

Brand and design guidelines
Expansion of design management in the company
Organization of submissions for design awards