Andrea Bertsche Consultant / Language & UX Didactics

Language & UX Didactics

Andrea Bertsche

Language & UX Didactics

1st and 2nd state exams for teaching

Languages: German and English
Phone: +49 221 34 64 05 0
Sensity Office: Cologne

Andrea has been working for Sensity since July 2016. She supports the team in spreading and acquiring knowledge in a targeted manner and does so with great motivation, generating added value for the company. A common knowledge base is the key to success for products and services. It creates contents which users appreciate, as they simplify their everyday life.

Andrea's experience and key areas of activity are in text work and the didactic preparation of learning contents. Simple and easily comprehendible language make knowledge more accessible. Using suitable methods and practice-related examples, the knowledge can be transferred to comparable situations.

Andrea previously worked as editor and proofreader for Bildungsverlag Eins, an educational publisher for vocational training and further education. There, she managed and designed teaching and learning materials, from the didactic conception all the way to print. 

Until 2008, Andrea studied at the Faculty of Human Sciences at Cologne University, where she completed her first state examination for teaching. She completed her second state examination in 2010 at the Studienseminar Solingen.