Eliana Santiago Postigo Consultant / Visual & Experience Design

Creating inclusive user experiences

Eliana Santiago Postigo

Visual & Experience Design

BA Designer

Languages: Spanish, English, German
Phone: +49 1517 2457017
Sensity Office: Cologne


Eliana joined Sensity in October 2022 and supports the team with her expertise in graphic, visual, and experience design. She explores the user’s interactions to create inclusive and delightful user experiences. Eliana obtained a degree in Graphic Design from EAG in Granada, Spain, and subsequently studied Integrated Design at KISD in Cologne, Germany. During this time, Eliana collaborated with diverse design teams, including La Junta de Andalucía, where she immersed herself in typography, strategic design, and editorial design.

She actively participated in applied research workshops that explored socio-psychological concepts using an information design approach. Beyond her professional pursuits, Eliana finds tranquility in nature, savors culinary experiences, and enjoys stand-up comedy. Her diverse personal and professional interests fuel her conviction in design's power to foster strong connections, as well as create rewarding communicative experiences.