Katja Trinkwalder Consultant
 / Insights & Research

Collaborative design research

Katja Trinkwalder

Insights & Research

Integrated Design, B.A. with a focus on Service Design

Languages: German, English
Sensity Office: Cologne


Guided by her deep interest in people and their contexts, Katja places great value on participative approaches and collaborative efforts in her design work. Driven by a strong belief in the responsibility of design, she crafts solutions that are both relevant and accountable. Since joining Sensity’s research team as a freelancer in 2022, Katja has contributed her analytical, critical, and systemic thinking skills to projects for Deutsche Telekom, Hessen Mobil, Bundesanzeiger, and more. With expertise in service design and co-creation methods, she tackles complex challenges head-on, co-creating meaningful solutions with those involved.

Katja’s design journey began at KISD, where she specialized in Service Design and Social Design, building a solid foundation through interdisciplinary and collaborative project experiences. Her works have been shown in exhibitions such as Dutch Design Week, Salone del Mobile, Centre Pompidou, and zkm Karlsruhe. Katja currently divides her professional work between academia and the private sector. As a research assistant at KISD, she teaches and supports research projects in the Service Design department, including fostering collaboration with the city of Cologne, and is deepening her understanding of the public sector.