Lena Kilbert Office Manager

Office Manager

Lena Kilbert

Director Backoffice
Design Management /Administration 

Languages: German, English and Russian
Phone: +49 151 61 54 14 24
Sensity Office: Luxembourg


In June 2017, Lena became an indispensible member of the Sensity team. Her work primarily involves project coordination and, as Office Manager, she is the contact partner for all organizational, financial and HR-related matters at Sensity. Lena completed classic commercial training before working for six years as assistant to the management board in the legal department of kohlpharma GmbH in Saarland. During this time, Lena began further training as management assistant which she completed successfully as "Certified Management Assistant AOM" at the Bénédict Academy in Saarbrücken. 

In addition, Lena studied business administration while working and graduated in business administration in 2014 (Dipl.-Inh. WA). Lena's expertise lies in managing corporate processes and coordinating all aspects of contract management. She knows how to analyze processes and is therefore irreplaceable in the optimization of internal processes and the implementation of customer requirements and processes. A true organizational talent, Lena always has an eye on customer concerns and wishes and involves them in project planning. Lena keeps everyday work at Sensity running smoothly and makes sure that everyone has everything they need.