Citizen Participation. A service for cities and municipalities. 

The New Participation

When it comes to municipal initiatives, we help you get citizen perspectives before the project even begins.

With The New Participation you can:

  • Connect with all your citizens
  • Facilitate your decision-making
  • Get results quicker
  • Ensure agile and efficient implementation
  • Initiate the changes your city needs

Our proven method offers a new type of inclusive participation, engaging citizens before the project has even begun. Whether it's a new facility or a decision involving the use of public space: Public authorities face the complex challenge of taking all citizen needs into account while meeting tight project budgets and deadlines.

We have the solution: The New Participation. Where everyone has their say. In a fast and simple process, we identify all potentially impacted citizens and establish contact for essential project participation in the form of surveys and interviews to deduce key insights. These findings are presented to you in the form of a participatory briefing, freeing up your resources for core planning activities. In this way, we enable you to integrate citizen perspectives into the decision-making processes to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Areas of action:

  • Placemaking: Improving the functionality of evolving public spaces (e.g. parks, squares, neighborhoods ...).
  • Physical Environment: Reporting for sustainable and cost-effective infrastructure (e.g. public buildings, parking spaces, bus stations ...)
  • Public Activities: Integrating the views of citizens into the creation of leisure facilities (e.g. urban furniture, playgrounds ...).
  • Digital Services: Improving the usability of digital public services.
  • Future Topics: Anticipating lifestyle and discussing cultural trends.

How it works, step by step:

  1. We organize an exchange meeting with you to discuss and frame the challenge.
  2. We carry out a demographic analysis to identify the citizen groups affected.
  3. We set up a survey and select the representative participants.
  4. We implement citizen interviews to gather relevant insights.
  5. We present our participatory briefing with all key information.

As an additional service, we are then available to provide advice on the next steps for citizen participation or further project support.

The New Participation in action

As part of the organization of the national exhibition LUGA - Luxembourg Urban Garden, LUGA a.s.b.l., in collaboration with City of Luxembourg, is planning to enhance the Park Odendahl. After identifying the citizens affected, e.g. park visitors, tourists, dog walkers, Sensity is conducting representative surveys and interviews to deduce the key needs of all users. The park will then be redesigned to meet these needs.

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The New Participation involves citizens in the process for municipal projects at an early stage. This helps integrate citizen perspectives into decision-making for effective outcomes.

We involve citizens and stakeholders before the project has even begun – not just at the end as is still generally the case.

The New Participation involves citizens at an early stage in the process of municipal projects. This helps to integrate citizens' perspectives into decision-making for effective outcomes.

  1. A demographic study based on existing data.
  2. A publicly accessible online survey in one language*.
  3. The documentation required to publish the online survey.
  4. Interviews with citizens in one language*.
  5. A comprehensible participatory briefing in the desired language with special recommendations for planners.

*The project can be carried out in several languages at the same time. Costs for additional languages will be charged separately.

Our researchers and service designers have many years of experience in user research and product development. Key success factors include the early involvement of citizens, the use of existing demographic data and interviews with those users and residents affected by the project. We provide an objective approach to solution-finding, with no direct involvement in the plans that follow.

We offer The New Participation in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Luxembourgish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Turkish

Within just 6-8 weeks of contracting us, we provide you with our participatory briefing. Our streamlined approach, based on industry user research, ensures fast and cost-effective results.

We develop all our research efforts to be fully GDPR compliant, ensuring the privacy of all participants. Digital participation mechanisms are securely hosted in the EU and we provide access control, data encryption, bot detection, fraud detection, metadata validation and incident monitoring.

Yes. Although the standard New Participation offering fulfills the most important needs, it can be easily upgraded with additional online and offline services. For example, with a larger number of interviews, a different format of online survey or even workshops for special target groups. Simply contact us directly for more information.

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