Tobi Nowak Consultant / Copywriting & Language

Copywriting and Language

Tobi Nowak

Copywriting & Language

Language and Communication , B.A.
Linguistics, M.A.

Languages: German, English
Phone: +49 221 34 64 05 0
Sensity Office: Cologne

Tobi joined Sensity in May 2020 and supports the team on various projects, both conceptually and linguistically. He followed his interest in language by studying “Language and Communication” and “Communication and Media” at the University of Siegen. Afterwards, he decided to deepen his knowledge in the Master’s program in Linguistics at the University of Cologne. During his studies, he not only specialized in the field of Computational Linguistics, but also took a semester to broaden his cross-cultural experience at the National Kapodistrian University in Athens. 

In his own research, for example on differences in the use of gestures between face-to-face communication and video conferencing, Tobi has explored the impact of language on socially relevant topics. As well as graduating in voice acting, Tobi has also worked in radio broadcasting and gathered experience in the field of spoken language. At Sensity, he combines his theoretical and practical skills with a certain instinct for language that drives both his conceptual and creative work.