Mirko Wittka Consultant
 Insights & Research

Value-driven design with a holistic understanding of people

Mirko Wittka

Insights & Research

Industrial Design, B.A.
Creative Sustainability, M.A.

Languages: German and English
Phone: +358 4578 3133 02


Mirko developed a curious and open mindset towards tackling unknown problems in a strategic way while studying Industrial Design in Wuppertal, Germany. He then pursued an M.A. in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University, Finland, which elevated his understanding of design to a more abstract level, with a sharpened focus on systemic critical thinking. Mirko focused on the socio-technical, political, and environmental aspects of design, applying fast-paced learning, progressive thinking, and critical analysis to academic topics and real-world projects.

Since joining Sensity in 2017, he has applied his knowledge and expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, strategy, and participation. Mirko's value-driven design approach is guided by a holistic understanding of people's behaviors, needs, and aspirations – guiding the development of new solutions, strategies, or structures. Among others, he has worked on future studies, employee satisfaction, cultural change, design awareness, educational and brand strategy projects.